The Connectory Updates and New Features!

The Connectory remains the largest, free, online directory connecting STEAM-rich program providers to families and the general public as well as like-minded organizations. Now, The Connectory has streamlined language, a new provider dashboard, and new opportunity reach options.
New Provider Language: What was previously called Program, is now Provider. Providers are organizations and individuals that offer K-12 STEAM opportunities for youth. Providers are listed on the Partner Search page, which is viewable by other Providers (must be logged in to view), and is there to aid collaboration. The terminology for existing Program submissions have been updated automatically to Provider submissions. Opportunities are still called Opportunities and can be seen by families and the general public on The Connectory.
New Dashboard: Providers will be able to see all of their Opportunities and Provider submission on their dashboard. The new layout has Opportunities listed at the top of the user dashboard with Provider listings at the bottom.
New Opportunity Reach Feature: Nationwide Option Providers can now select the reach for opportunities. This new feature enables Providers to select specific states where the opportunity is available. This feature increases the ability for families and caregivers to find your STEAM opportunities
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