Amanda K.

Amanda K.Ever since middle school, where an exceptional science teacher taught and inspired her, Amanda has been extremely passionate about STEM, and plans to continue on this path in the future. She first discovered the gender gap in STEM when she showed up to a biology club meeting and was the only girl! She didn’t let this stop her, and this year, Amanda was the only underclassman in her AP Biology class full of upperclassmen. Amanda founded a non-profit, 501(c)3 in process popcorn organization Pop for a Cause, which sells popcorn and donates 100% of profits towards charitable causes. Pop for a Cause was honored and featured 11+ times on local news channels for its significant contributions. Amanda is also at the pre-professional level as a hip hop dancer, and earned First Place and the Award of Excellence for her choreography, performance, and direction in the National PTA Reflections Art Contest.