Mary Anne Jeffers

Mary Anne B. Jeffers is an Analytics and Modeling Senior Manager at Accenture Federal Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Accenture, LLP, located in the suburbs of Washington, DC. As a technology consulting company, Accenture is on the path to increasing the percentage of women managing directors to 25% globally by 2020 and achieving a gender balanced workforce by 2025. In her role, Mary Anne is proudly supporting Federal government clients through project management, planning, evolution, and implementation of business intelligence analytics and data science programs. In addition to being a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Mary Anne holds a Master degree in Statistical Science (George Mason University) and a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics (James Madison University).

Mary Anne is also pursuing her passion of inspiring young girls and women to develop a love of STEM and excel at careers in these fields. She is dedicated to empowering our youth, transforming how women are viewed in STEM careers, and revolutionizing how our society ultimately moves forward in pursuit of gender equality in STEM.