John Baek

Dr. John Baek is the Senior Education Evaluator in the NOAA Office of Education (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), a federal agency whose mission is to provide environmental intelligence to the public. As an internal evaluator he leads and supports efforts to measure the performance of NOAA Education programs, communicate their impact, build their evaluation capacity, develop strategic plans, and manage their online databases. 

John is also an independent consultant who advises on the evaluation of education projects, including NSF-funded projects in science center and library settings. Prior to NOAA, he built an online Master’s program in Free-Choice Learning at Oregon State University, developed programs at CAISE (Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education), built an online high school program at George Mason University, and taught 8th grade science in Tampa, Florida.  

He has a Ph.D. in Education with a focus on design-based research in science education and instructional design. He is a co-editor of the Handbook of Design Research Methods in Education.