Dr. Patricia Bath

Dr. Patricia Bath is a scientist and inventor.  She was the first to invent and demonstrate laserphaco cataract surgery and was recognized as a pioneer in laser history.  Professor Bath’s road to achievement started as a teenage NSF awardee researching cancer at Yeshiva University and Harlem Hospital. She later graduated from Howard University College of Medicine in 1968 and completed ophthalmology residency and fellowships at NYU and Columbia University. In 1974 Dr. Bath moved to California accepting positions at both UCLA and Drew Universities. With her appointment at UCLA in 1974 she became the 1st woman ophthalmologist on the faculty at UCLA.

She has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors and is a member of the Medical Honor Society, the AOA.  She advocates for the blind and disabled through the American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness (www.blindnessprevention.org) which she co-founded. Always an advocate for the disenfranchised since her undergraduate civil rights work with Martin Luther King, Jr. and Alpha Kappa Alpha, she continues her advocacy for women’s rights.

Dr. Bath wishes to pass the torch and inspire school kids to choose careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Women in Science and Medicine still face discriminiation and bias not only in salary and rank, but also in recognition. Just like the suffragettes who fought for voting rights, Dr. Bath has committed herself to the fight for gender equity and equality for women in STEM and Medicine.