Girlstart Programs Grow Through Powerful Collaborations

The mission of Girlstart is to empower girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Founded in Austin, Texas, in 1997, Girlstart is one of the few community-based informal education programs in the nation specifically dedicated to empowering and equipping K–12 girls in STEM.

Since its inception, Girlstart has served more than 22,000 girls and 5,500 teachers and families through school- and community-based programs— including afterschool clubs, summer camps, science career conferences and expos, large-scale science events for families, teacher workshops, online teaching and learning resources, and virtual learning communities.

Girlstart collaborates with local, state, and national organizations to broaden their community impact. Girlstart has been actively involved with The Texas Girls Collaborative Project since it began in 2008. Involvement in the Texas Girls Collaborative Project has helped facilitate several important partnerships between Girlstart and other mission aligned organizations. Over the past year, Girlstart has partnered with the Women in Engineering Program (WEP) at The University of Texas at Austin and The Texas Girls Collaborate Project to disseminate an underwater robotics curriculum called WaterBotics (NSF Award #0929574). Through this collaboration Girlstart and WEP have hosted summer camps and lead trainings for informal educators across the state.

This summer, thanks to the generous support of the AMD Foundation and new collaborations formed, five communities across the nation will receive Girlstart's renowned summer camp program. To learn more, visit